Lonely in your marriage? 

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Wondering where the spiritual leader is that you signed up for?

Common sense Biblical principles can get things back on track fast.


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Hi! I'm Lucy.

Yes, that's my family in the picture below. Yes, we really live somewhere that beautiful.  But I've struggled - a lot - to find contentment.  It felt like the harder I tried, the farther away it receded.

 I was married for the second time, a fresh start. I had given my heart to Christ and was determined to live according to His Word - I sincerely wanted my husband to be the spiritual leader of my family. But the truth was, I did not know how. I was so lonely in my marriage that I feared I was headed for a second divorce. Then I found Laura Doyle's book The Surrendered Wife. I found that it deepened my faith and understanding of how to organically live in accordance with scripture and honor myself as a woman. I've become ridiculously happy in the process.

I fiercely believe every woman deserves the peace and happiness I've found. I want to share the powerful tools that got my family to where we are today. I'm a licensed therapist who coaches women around the world on how to use these principles of biblical womanhood to create lasting happiness at home.

“As I implemented what I was learning I started to see a change in my husband. He started doing what I wanted him to do without me saying a word. I can't explain it! It just happened! You too can experience the same thing if you are willing to put into action what you learn."

Kimberly Sperry

Want change now? 

My guests and I vulnerably tell stories of what works - and what doesn't - on the Easy Biblical Marriage podcast. 

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I love to get creative and I'm constantly wracking my brain about how to change your life for the better today, because I remember what it feels like to be where you are. Plus I love to have fun and I'm always inviting you in!


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