Get more connection, attention and affection while bulletproofing your marriage against the enemy


You didn't learn how to have a happy marriage in school.

So when you run into a sticky situation as a wife, feeling overworked and underappreciated, it's easy to catch yourself behaving in ways you know are taking you further from what you want.

I hear from so many wives: I know what I believe, I just don't know how to do it in this situation.

I created The Empowered Wife Course to help you fill those gaps so you are not tearing down your house with your own two hands without even realizing I did for so many years.

My philosophy is that a simple set of Biblical principles is a marriage plan you’ll actually follow. And simplifying marriage by sticking to the essentials and playing to your strengths is the path to success.

In The Empowered Wife Course, you learn to craft and follow a simple, doable marriage improvement plan.

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Before working with Lucy my marriage was broken. My husband had no idea that I was done with it. I knew in my heart if something didn’t change we would be getting a divorce or stay miserable. If your marriage means anything to you, this course is definitely worth it. You will learn so much about yourself and how you treat yourself matters. 

The course is so life changing I just can’t put into words. I am on a mission to show my children what healthy, happy marriage looks like.

As I implemented what I was learning I started to see a change in my husband.he started doing what I wanted him to do without me saying a word. I can't explain it! It just happened! 

You too should experience the same thing if you are willing to put into action what you learn in this course.

Kimberly Sperry, homeschooling mom of nine



Eye-opening! Life-changing! Transformative and peace-giving. I finally am experiencing JOY in my life, after years of begging the Lord to give it to me! Despite my circumstances not changing, my heart has changed and I am thriving and our children are thriving! I also realized how romantic, kind, and generous my husband is and has been all these years! Lucy showed me how to see and focus on the GOOD in our lives. It's been amazing!

Ashley, homeschooling mom of three



I gained a new perspective that changed the way I saw and treated myself which  transferred to how my husband saw me and treated me. 

I received practical tools to experiment with and easily adapt them to fit my specific needs for a given challenge. I got the empowerment to change things up without control. My relationship is more peaceful, pleasant and fun. We are more connected and I feel loved and cherished. I really am his priority.  

Teresa, married 37 years, mother of three grown children


How this course supports you:

  • Kajabi portal with modules teaching all Six Intimacy Skills in depth
  • Devotional worksheets to take the work deeper
  • When you complete the modules, you will qualify for a complementary 1:1 relationship assessment call